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 Erskine Baptist Church  Email: revprd@hotmail.co.uk

 Sunday Mornings   11 am

   Park Hill, Park Mains


   PA8 7HE

  Erskine Baptist Church

  Here’s what it’s all about - in a poem by Chloe Johnston

Every single Sunday,

We come to Sunday School,

We learn all about God,

We think it's really cool.

I  enjoy coming to church,

Knowing that God is above me,

I know that I can trust Him,

To be there when I need Him to be.

I really like our Sunday School teachers,

They let us draw and bake,

We also do some arts and crafts,

One time we baked cupcakes!

We remember memory verses,

We say them a few times,

So by the next time we come into church,

They're stuck deep in our minds.

We love coming on a Sunday,

Learning about God above,

We know for sure he's up there,

He's sprinkling us with love!